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During Gamma Phi Omega's 2008 National Conference at DePaul University, Tannia "Nenai" Franchini, National Alumnae Director, envisioned creating an alumnae chapter comprised of Gamma Phi Omega Alumnae who would create a chapter built upon leaders, professionals, and accomplished women.  She brought forth this idea hoping that some women would step up to the challenge of starting Gamma Phi Omega's first Alumnae Chapter.  It was a surprise to see how well her idea was received and on that same day, April 19, 2008, the first executive board for the alumnae charter was elected.
The four women who were elected to serve as the founding Executive Board of the alumnae charter were: Erica "Iandra" Reyes-Santos (President), Marisol "EXIZO" Velazquez (Vice-President),  Mariza "potra" Rocha (Secretary), and Nely "SIMBA" Morales (Financial Officer).  The first official Charter meeting was held on April 30, 2008 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  At this meeting the first Administrative Committee of the alumnae charter was elected in; comprising of the following women:   Kenia Evelyn "Chakras" Sandoval and Yahaira "Carixte" Guzman (Professional Development), Janice Marie "AdminA" Malcom (Cultural Awareness), Paula "Yzara" Zambrano (Philanthropic Service), Melissa "ASTRAL" Sepulveda (Social), Veronica "Ms. Tazje" Rodriguez and Vanessa "espyque" Mendez (Membership) and Cristina "RAH" Carreto (Historian).  


On May 18, 2008, the National Board of Directors officially recognized the alumnae charter as the Chicago Alumnae Charter.  The first Chicago Alumnae Charter Retreat, held on May 23-24, 2008, set the groundwork for the 2008-2009 fiscal year and allowed all charter members to present their goals and strategic plans towards becoming an official chapter.  Along the way, Genesis 'KeiLiaNi" Mejias, was elected as a Co-Historian Chair and Lynae "enexis" Maciel came on board as the new Fundraising Chair. 

Through community service, scholarship, cultural awareness and unquestionable sister commitment, the Chicago Alumnae Charter was making its mark within Gamma Phi Omega's history by establishing the first ever Chicago Alumnae Charter Scholarship, presented at the 2009 Conference at Loyola University, and bringing together a force of alumnae dedicated to empowering sisters, families, and the surrounding community.  After a year of successful events, endless fundraising efforts and the addition of over twenty alumnae from surrounding chapters, the Chicago Alumnae Charter felt they were ready to petition for chapter status by presenting themselves to the National Board of Directors. 


On March 15, 2009, the National Board of Directors granted the Chicago Alumnae Charter with their Chapter Letter, recognizing the women as the first ever alumnae chapter within Gamma Phi Omega: PHI ALPHA CHAPTER.

The founding members of Phi Alpha Alumnae Chapter
Executive Officers 2021-2023

President: Maricela "CoaCH" Ramirez
Vice-President: Vacant
Finance: Krystal "XytLaLi" Oyoque
Secretary: Tanya "LecheRita" Camargo

Administrative Officers 2021-2022

Membership: Monica "Chispa" Arango, Daisy "ATHÍRA" Romero
Resource Development: Jessica "biÁni" Hurtado
Marketing: Tanya "LecheRita" Camargo
Philanthropy: Sabrina "Surezko" Caro

Programing: Dorian "Víväxi" Matias-Williams


Are you a Phi Alpha member interested in one of the vacant positions? Submit a Fraternal Resume & Letter of Intent to
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